I'm a mountain-loving, Husker-cheering runner doing life with my husband, Ryan, on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. We are all about moving up, over and around our outdoor playground, and can frequently be found running, skiing and biking over these here mountains (RMNP is. my. JAM. I used to live right on its doorstep, and miss it everyday).

Growing up, I was frequently asked if being me was like living in a musical - I am thrilled to say the answer is still, "YES!" Singing, dancing, and piano playing move my heart and fuel my soul, so please excuse me if I break into a Broadway classic. You'll be glad I did, or at least get a good laugh. I won't mind.

When not clicking with my camera, you can find me raiding the nearest paperie, possibly mowing my parents yard in circles (Yes, I did that. For an entire Summer.), writing letters to my dearest of friends, or enjoying a brew at the craft brewery right down the road.


I love my work to be in the moment, relaxed and real.

I don't mind if your little ones can't sit still for a nice portrait. I want to see their personality, their play, the smiles that come out only for you. I won't be upset if your bridal party doesn't line up perfectly. I want to see each of you laugh, interact, and cherish that special day. It's why I thrive on documentary photography in my sessions.

I want the real, the giggles, sometimes the tears, and often the messy. Honestly, you probably do too. These are the moments you want to remember, the moments that portray who your littles were as littles, the moments that capture the intimacy of your wedding day, the moments that make your heart swell for years to come. Yes, we can absolutely try for that perfect family portriat or perfect wedding party pose, but if it doesn't happen, your little family, your wedding was perfect, anyway.


Here are five things you probably don't know about me.

1. The 'Glen' in Laura Glen is an ode to my maiden name, Glendenning.

2. I once biked 1200 miles with 9 or so of my closest friends. It took 12 days.

3. Pony up the pickles, please. My friends and I are on a quest to find the #bestfriedpickles in Denver.

4. My sister and my high-school bestie discovered my wedding dress.

5. After 12 years of piano lessons, I can play with my nose. Well, that's not all I can do, but my sister and I do a rousing rendition of 'Heart and Soul' with our noses.