Photographing your real life in your home is a treasure to me. Your kids are more relaxed, your more relaxed – you’re just home, and documenting your family in this setting is hugely inspiring for me. I get that it might seem odd and uncomfortable at first, but I came up with 10 Reasons for an In-Home Session to help you pictures yourself in this kind of session.

10 Reasons for an In-Home Session

1 – Most of your memories happen at home.

Often we don’t photograph daily life until we think something momentous is happening – a day trip, soccer game, vacation, a fun night out. But, home is where you spend the majority of your life, the biggest chunk of family time. While you (Mom) may photograph your kids regularly, when are you in the pictures? Doing your session at home not only documents where your memories happen, but enables you to be in the pictures in a place that is hugely important to all of you.

2 – Everyone is most comfortable at home.

The more familiar the surroundings, the more comfortable you’ll be. The more familiar the surroundings, the more likely your kids will be to forget there is a camera in the room, and just be themselves.

3 – You don’t want the hassle of a traditional portrait session.

Choosing clothes so your outfits match just so, getting the kids’ hair done perfectly, and keeping them from disturbing it, while also keeping them clean is a battle nobody needs to fight. An in-home session removes all of that hassle. Wear what is normal and comfortable and just hang out at home. There’s a good chance you’ll find it’s your favorite photography session ever.

4 – Your pets are a natural part of your session.

Pets are often part of the family, but don’t get me started on trying to get them to cooperate for that typical posed family portrait. When you choose an in-home photography session, your pets naturally wander in and out of the images.

5 – Everything you might need is right at your fingertips.

If your babe has a blowout to rival the volcanic rupture of the century, or if your two-year-old decides to be, well a two-year-old, you’re at home. It’s easier to handle all of those things in the setting where you know right where everything is when you need it.

6 – Home is a unique setting for your session.

No one else has a home like yours, so no one else will have images like yours. Plus, this is home. This is your safe space. The place where you laugh, the place where you cry, the place that means the most to you. Let’s document that in a way you can cherish for years to come.

7 – Bad weather? No problem.

I love outdoor pictures as much as the next guy, but weather often chooses not to cooperate. If that’s the case the day of your session, having an in-home session means we can proceed as planned, still make some awesome photographs, and maybe even catch a few in the rain.

8 – Your home brings life to your pictures.

Everyone has a few precious items in their home – heirlooms, other pictures, blankets – it can be anything. One of those for me is my piano. It was my grandma’s, then my mom’s, and now it sits in my living room. I love getting to play it all the time, and it’s simple presence means a lot to me. You may not have something as big as a piano that means something to you, but having your special things in the background of your images adds more meaning to the whole photograph.

9 – You may move someday.

Here in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado area people are constantly moving. Your first home is likely a temporary one, but still so important. Your children may not be able to remember much about that first home, but pictures help to recreate a picture of life when they were really little. I can barely remember my first home (Granted, I was barely a year old.), and it’s fun to look at pictures, and hear stories about life there from my parents.

10 – The images from your session are a glimpse into your everyday life.

I can’t say this enough – your everyday life, your simple moments matter. They really do. It could be something as small as your morning routine with your little one, coffee on the couch with your spouse, or just a moment of pause in the kitchen before your toddler hollers for you. There are seasons of life that are exhausting, and we often want to move past them as quickly as possible, but if we are so focused on fleeing to the next stage, we miss out on the beauty, purpose and joy where we are right now. That’s what I love most about in-home sessions – they’re real, and they help us remember what matters most.

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