I’m not sure why, but something about turning from 26 to 27 suddenly sounds older to me. Don’t hear me saying I’m old – I’ll never be old, ‘cause that’s just not how I operate, but I guess 27 is an age that when I was 12 I thought I would have more of life figured out by. Yep, nope. Not a thing.

But, I can tell you 27 things. Some are things I’ve learned, things I like or dislike, fun facts, or just general thoughts on life. I’ve always been very nostalgic and love marking the passing of time by journaling, so here are 27 Things to Start Year 27.

27 Things to Start Year 27

01. My husband and I have a large painting that we made together over the buffet in our dining room. Most people assume I painted it on my own and are surprised to find out it was largely my husband’s idea. It’s one of my favorite pieces in our house.

02. I’ve crashed on my bike, either due to wind or water, two years in a row. Looking to end that streak this year.

03. I ate baked oatmeal for breakfast, today.

04. I love to photograph weddings, but it breaks my heart when people are so consumed with their wedding day or have been so intent on having a wedding day, that they neglect to prepare for their marriage. Guys – If your wedding day is more about all things wedding than the start of your marriage, you are setting yourself up for a very hard wake-up call. Invest in your marriage more than your wedding.

05. Instead of saying “Good job” when my nephew masters a new skill, I’ve been saying “Stupendous results!” He can now be heard occasionally saying things are stupendous. You are welcome, World.

06. I have a thing for socks. My favorites are currently a pair of Feeture, cushioned running socks my in-laws gave me for my birthday last year. This may or may not be a shameless plea for more Feeture, cushioned running socks. I wear a size 9.5. Thank you.

07. Be patient with yourself, and patient with the process of reaching your goals.

08. Growing up in Nebraska, my birthday was marked by the end of the school year, lilacs blooming in our front yard, the start of humidity and hot (I love it!), and grilling season! Living in Colorado has been a little bit of a challenge around my birthday – as Ryan and I drove to Glenwood Springs to celebrate my birthday last year, we drove through a blizzard in Vail. Yea, I get it – we live in the mountains, we live in Colorado, snow is expected 12 months out of the year. But, I want HOT on my birthday. Is that really so much to ask?

09. I used to think I was absolutely horrible at photographing people and told people I was a landscape photographer to have to avoid taking pictures of people.

10. The #1 thing I’ve learned in 27 years – ONLY THE GOSPEL (We are each sinners. Jesus Christ died a painful death to forgive and remove our sins. When we believe he did this for us, and repent of our sins, we may have eternal life with him) MATTERS.

11. I watch the TONY Awards every year. They are June 10, 2018, at 6:00 PM, just in case you were wondering, as I am sure you were.

12. My favorite food is hamburgers. I know I’ve said that before on these pages, but they’re so good, I had to pay homage to them again.

13. To celebrate my birthday, my husband and I will be biking Independence Pass.

14. I want to live in the mountains again someday.

15. When I’m telling my husband my plans for my day, I better have a pretty good reason to include Two Hands Paperie on that list. If you receive a birthday gift from me, there’s a good chance I used you as an excellent reason to visit the happy place that is Two Hands. I just love me some stationery.

16. The ‘Glen’ in Laura Glen is an ode to my maiden name, Glendenning.

17. I’m training for the Winter Olympics, and it is my dream to someday be sponsored by Smartwool. That might be a long shot, but thanks in advance, Smartwool.

18. My family is very musical, and I grew up playing piano and involved in any and all of the fine arts things I possibly could be. I don’t have perfect pitch but when a note is out of tune, my teeth buzz. I hate it. Please sing/play in tune. The world thanks you.

19. Running a business is incredibly hard and some people are just plain rude. When you’re interacting with any small business owner, remember they’re human, you’re human, and treat them accordingly.

20. On the short list for the best birthday and/or Christmas present ever would be my own Grand piano. Playing my sister’s or my aunt’s grand pianos just makes my heart melt. We will be friends forever if you are kind enough to gift me a grand. I’m sure you have that much spare change laying around.

21. Life is best when lived in running shorts and t-shirts.

22. If you don’t love yourself, your body, right where you are at this moment, you aren’t going to love yourself at any other size, shape, [insert your struggle here] either.

23. I do not like mountain biking, but I love trail running, and road biking.

24. I wanted to own my own photography business for a long time, but was terrified to do it. My dad was instrumental to opening Laura Glen Photography.

25. I’ve been dreaming of biking from coast to coast since I was a sophomore in college.

26. My idea of a perfect day includes trail running, road biking, some time in my hammock, and finishing the day in the quiet of the mountains watching the stars come out.

27. I love to paint my nails.

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