5 Reasons to Elope / Colorado Elopement Photographer

5 Reasons to Elope

Elopements and weddings come in all shapes and sizes, so I am going to speak as generally as possible about 5 reasons to elope.

05 – You get to focus on you, rather than the guest list.

With a smaller wedding or elopement, it can often feel less about the whole party of it all and more about the two of you. Don’t get me wrong, beginning a marriage is something to celebrate, but sometimes less is so much more.

04 – It’s much simpler.

When you elope you don’t have to worry about the guest list, the caterer, orchestrating the wedding day, and making sure your groomsmen are on their best behavior. There are no wedding room blocks, probably no rehearsal, and usually, the months of planning can be done away with. Now that’s simple!

03 – No audience.

Having others around to witness your exchange of vows is wonderful, but sometimes it’s a blessing to just be the two of you. There is something so beautiful about sharing that moment with your love alone.

02 – You can get married just about anywhere.

With careful planning, you could probably pull off that grandeur wedding on the side of a mountain, but with an elopement, you definitely can – or get married anywhere else you choose!

01 – Your wedding cost decreases significantly.

Money isn’t everything but it’s certainly something to consider, and an elopement will not break your bank. By choosing an elopement, you could save thousands on what you might spend on a traditional wedding.