The crazy season of Fall is fast approaching for photographers, so I wanted to share a few things your photographer wishes you knew, but won’t tell you. These won’t all surprise you, and I occasionally do share these things with my clients in person (Sorry if you got here because of the title. ☺️), but each one can make a huge difference in the ease of your next photo session.

9 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew (But Won’t Tell You)

09 – Your gallery will turn out better if you let me be in charge.

When you hire me, I am asking you to trust me. You chose me because something in my work spoke to you, because you love my style. So I am asking you trust me. Every image you’ve seen on my website or social media was created entirely on my own. I love what I do, and my dear client, I do know how to do it, so I am asking you to trust me.

08 – Every kid is crazy.

Without exception, every kid has or will throw a tantrum in public. For some of them, that means the family photo session. If not a tantrum, they act a little bonkers, or as I like to say, they act like kids. It’s okay. It’s good. Aside from the tantrum (If it happens, it’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed. You just worry about being Mom and Dad, and I’ll handle the pictures.), kids being kids is exactly what I love to photograph the most. Let the kids be kids.

07 – Mom. Please make an effort to relax and enjoy yourself.

Hi, Mama. You are beautiful. You always have been, always will be, and I will not deliver an image to you in which you do not look beautiful. If you are completely occupied with every little detail of your appearance, your families, or second guess a direction I give, it will show in your pictures. However, if you relax, enjoy this time with your family (Take a deep breath when the session starts, this is your time to be.), and let me do my thing, I promise you’ll love your gallery.

06 – I spend hours reliving your session as I edit each image.

There is often a lot of anxiety associated with booking a photography session. You want to look your best and you want these images to turn out amazingly. I want the same thing. I want you to gush over your gallery, to share it with your family and friends – it makes me look good, too!

05 – Your session means a lot to you, and it means a lot to me, too.

You want beautiful pictures of your family to remember this time in your life, and I want that, too. Every session is very personal to me in that I want the images I create to remind you of what is most important in your life. I want to create heirloom images that help you reminisce on the beauty in the small moments of wherever you are in life. Your session means a lot to me, because I know the power and value of the relationships in our families, and I want that for you.

04 – Dad, I know you might be less than thrilled about being in pictures, but be kind to your family and your photographer.

For the majority of fathers, being in a family photo session is the last thing they want to do. I get it, I really do, but your dear wife took the time to hire a photographer, coordinate schedules, clean the house, figure out how to dress the entire family, then prepare everyone for the session – would you mind taking this one or two hours out of your day to just spend time with your family? That might sound harsh, but this is your family. I know you love and care for them, and if you go all in, your wife will feel more relaxed and your kids more comfortable with the crazy photographer lady running around. They will follow your lead. 🙂

03 – It hurts my feelings when you joke about my pricing.

Oy. This is a big one. Any time that you even hint or imply that my prices or those of another photographer are too high or outrageous, it feels as though you’re saying that my work isn’t worth what you are paying. I won’t go into all of the details here, but I’ve outlined why photography is priced the way it is here.

02 – I get nervous before every session.

I’m serious. I do. If I ever say, “Ugh, I don’t want to go to this session.” It has everything to do with wanting to create the most beautiful images for your family and nothing to do with you. I’m working through it, but I still get nervous before every session.

01 – How you feel about your pictures means a lot to me.

It might sound funny, but it’s hard when I don’t hear anything back from my clients after sending them their gallery or prints. After planning your session, learning about your family, spending time with you, then editing your images for hours – I am all in. I want to know which images are your favorite, what you like about them, what you dislike. I want to hear from you. Because I want to be the best photographer I can be, how you feel about your pictures means a lot to me.

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