After college, I moved to Colorado and had the incredible privilege of calling my brother-in-law’s grandmother my roommate. I know that’s probably a strange living situation, but it was so good for me, and I cherish the time Grandma and I spent under one roof.

Grandma is a hoot! At 94, she is loving, intelligent and can absolutely hold her own in a battle of wit – just make sure she has her hearing aids in. She’s been known to hold off putting them on in the morning until she decides she’s ready to hear the conversation.

What’s this have to do with my photography exactly? Photographing your family and simple moments are important to me, and the time I’ve spent with Grandma is exactly that – simple, beautiful, meaningful moments. So, I wrote this letter to my grandma as a gift to her, and to share a very important part of my life with you.

A Letter to My Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I know you love the handwritten word as much as I do, so I will write this on my favorite stationery and mail to your door tomorrow. But I wanted to write this letter to you here because people need to know about you. Yes, it’s a need, Grandma. People need to know you.

People need to know you because you are kind and generous. You greet every day with that wide mischievous grin and bright spunky attitude. Reading this, you’ll probably say you don’t know about that, but I do, and people need to know.

People need to know because they need to know about my 94-year-old spitfire of a grandma, and how she graciously tells her stories. Like your stories about serving in World War II, life in California, and how you hate absolutely cannot stand the cold of your native Minnesota.

People need to know how you care for everyone around you. I know you may not believe it, but there are very few times I have felt more loved than when in your presence. You love God so deeply that it allows you to love yourself and love others well. It shows, it’s obvious, and people need to know.

People need to know you, Grandma because you are one of the greatest examples of sharing God’s love through action.

Thank you. I am so grateful that I know you, and get to call you Grandma.