I have to tell you a love story. It’s about the dearest, kindest, goofiest man, and a genuine, hilarious woman. It’s about my brother, Stephen, and his fiancee, Meredith, whom I’ve been stumbling and calling my sister-in-law whenever I talk about her for almost a year now. (I like her a lot.) It’s a good story.

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Stevo – as my family affectionately calls him – and Meteor – as my phone’s autocorrect unaffectionately called Meredith, and I now affectionately call her – have known of each other for a long time. Our whole family has. Meredith was our cousin, Ivy’s, college roommate, and we slowly got to know her as you get to know your roommate’s family – only our entire extended family knows and loves her, even if the majority of them have only met her over Facetime or the phone. The consensus? Meredith is the. best.

You’ll have to ask Ivy or Meredith for the full story, but sometime back in their college roommate days, Ivy told Meredith, “I have the perfect man for you to marry.” Or something like that.

As Stephen moved from one coast to the other a little over two years ago, he stopped to spend time with Ivy while she was living in Ohio. Spending time with Ivy for a couple days quickly turned into hanging out with Meredith for five. hahaha. I had contemplated hitching a ride with my brother to see Ivy, but he was only supposed to be there for two days, so I decided the flight back to Nebraska wasn’t worth it. Cue a slightly annoyed sister when I found out he was staying for another day…and another…and another. I guess he really wanted to see Ivy…I mean Meredith.

We #GlendenningSibs are really close, like really, really, really close. Like I will often call my brother or sister (if she didn’t live on another continent – you can come back now) before our mom close. We’ll often talk several times a week. Those calls from my brother slowly started to dwindle, and I started getting a little suspicious.

My phone rang one October afternoon last year, and I was pumped to see my brother’s face on the screen. I quickly answered, exchanged our normal pleasantries, then asked what he was up to.

“Ummm…I’m at the airport.”

“Oh, fun! Who are you picking up?!”


I could’ve let out several shrieks of joy. But somehow managed to contain them, and not scare the brother away from telling me a little more. I. was. thrilled. Then I prayed, and prayed, and prayed for the next several months that I would get to call Meredith my sister-in-law.

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Stevo + Meteor,

Meredith – We are overjoyed to have you join our family, and I am so grateful you and Stephen have each other. You know how dearly I love my brother, and you mean so much to us. Thank you for being the one person who can truly make my brother speechless. Watching those interactions is one of my great sisterly joys in life. 

Stephen – I knew the day would come when I wouldn’t be the one you call on the way home from work. While I prayed for a wife for you, but I also knew that day would be a little hard for me. Words don’t exist to explain how proud I am of you. I love you, Hermano.


– Laura