When it comes time to plan your Denver Family Photography session, you may have questions, and you may have a lot of them. I’m glad you do, and I want to answer them as best I can. In order to do that, I’ve pooled together every post I’ve ever written regarding the dos and donts and how-tos of Denver Family Photography. I’ll keep adding to this list as I create more content.

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The Denver Family Photography Blog Anthology

What is the difference between documentary photography and lifestyle photography?

I describe myself as a documentary lifestyle photographer – this post will help you understand more of what that means for my work, for your session, and for your final gallery.

Documentary Photography – What It Is, What It Isn’t

Okay, so we know the basics of what documentary photography, but it’s easy to have preconceived ideas about what this type of session is like. Read this post to clear the cobwebs.

9 Signs Documentary Style Photography Is for You

Now that you have a better understanding of documentary and lifestyle photography, use this post to help you decide if this session is right for you. Even if you’re a little apprehensive, just give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised by how much you love this type of session, but don’t take my word for it, I want you to see for yourself.

12 Things Your Documentary Family Photographer Wishes You Knew

Learn a little more about my style, and what I wish you knew about it, from my perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you don’t have more questions than answers at this point, but if you do, let’s see if this post helps to clear some of them up. If not, please shoot me an email! I am here to help!

What They’re Saying – The Reviews Are In!

Why I Love Documentary Lifestyle Photography

These next few posts get into my photography philosophy – why I create images the way I do and why it’s important.