We’ve all been there whether you are the one attempting to corral your entire extended family into a photo or are the one being corralled, that posed family picture doesn’t tend to be a whole lot of fun. Sometimes it turns out alright, but more often than not, someone is screaming, someone else is crying, and a whole lot of people are annoyed and generally impatient with the whole process.

I’m going to let you in on a secret – You don’t have to do it this way.

As summer gears up and we move into family reunion season, I want to talk about why you need a documentary family photographer at your family reunion.

Why You Need a Documentary Family Photographer at Your Family Reunion

No one enjoys the posed picture, and no one wants to display it later.

It’s a hassle, it’s not fun, and the picture really isn’t that great.

You want to capture more than just your family’s physical changes from year to year, but their personalities, connection, and interactions.

The lined up, posed family portrait does little more than to show you how the kids have grown. If that is what is most important to you, great. To remember the baby’s full cheeks or the antics of the whole gang, however, that posed picture isn’t going to do the trick.

Documentary family photography at your family reunion captures real interaction, small moments, the raucous laughter and adorable tears. It gets those messy little fingers, quiet moments between Grandma + Grandpa, and the special things that make your family your family.

If you’re the family photographer or historian, you aren’t in the pictures.

This one is a big to me because having every family member in your family pictures matters. Yea, you can set a timer, but that doesn’t usually end well. And you still have the posed family picture problem. And whoever is in charge of the camera for the day, isn’t in the pictures then. Looking back at those pictures from your family reunion, it’s like someone is missing. Hire a documentary family photographer for your family reunion, and your entire family can be in the pictures.