I was never the girl that dreamed over every detail of her wedding. I didn’t dream about what dress I’d wear, the colors, or what walking down the aisle would be like. Yes, I thought a little about who would be in my wedding, and maybe where we’d have it, but I didn’t have a Pinterest board dedicated to all things wedding until I was engaged. Daydreaming about my wedding just wasn’t me. (I find it humorous that I’m even writing this post about reasons you should wait to plan your wedding.)

Planning Our Wedding

When it came time to plan our wedding after I said “YES!” and Ryan asked me to marry him (I was a little excited when I saw him kneeling in front of me.), I jumped into planning. Now you’ll often hear me say my mom planned our wedding, ‘cause she did. She is a talented event planner, and I was so thankful for her willingness to make decisions and get everything in order for us. While she did nearly everything for us, I made a lot of decisions and set the direction in the early planning stages.

The direction I set was the direction I’d seen modeled for me. The beautiful church wedding with all of our friends and family in my hometown, followed by a grand reception at a nearby venue. It was fun, wonderful, and there really isn’t anything wrong with going that way for your own wedding.

The week of our wedding, I realized that it was all too much, too big. And realizing that the week of our wedding meant it was too late to trim the guest list, too late to cancel the venue, too late for a lot of things. Some may say that I could’ve still made some changes, but that was just too overwhelming to me during wedding week.

In hindsight, I wanted the small wedding – maybe an elopement, maybe just our siblings and parents, maybe invite our immediate aunts, uncles and cousins. A small wedding would’ve suited me better, and this finally leads me to the two reasons you should wait to plan your wedding.

Two Reasons You Should Wait to Plan Your Wedding

01 – Engagement is a crazy season, and the craziness only increases as your wedding date approaches.

Set aside time when you absolutely won’t wedding plan, but just breathe, get used to the idea of being engaged. Whether it’s four days, a week or a month, allow yourself and your fiance time to be together without the chaos of wedding planning.

02 – When planning starts, you’ll have been able to sort through all those dreams and ideas percolating in your head.

Giving yourself a waiting period before the wedding planning provides time to decide if that big, church wedding is really for you, or if a smaller affair is more your style. There is nothing wrong with either of those, but this is your wedding. You get to decide what you want it to look like.

2 Reasons You Should Wait to Plan Your Wedding / Laura Glen never was the girl that dreamed over every detail of her wedding. She didn’t dream about what dress she\'d wear, the colors, or what walking down the aisle would be like. Daydreaming about her wedding wasn\'t her. When it was time to plan her own wedding, she dove in - a little too fast. Yes, there is such a thing. Don\'t take our word for it, read the 2 Reasons You Should Slow Down the Wedding Planning.