When Dawn first emailed me about doing their newborn session, I shrieked with joy. I’d known they were having their first baby for awhile, and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed I’d be the one they’d ask to document their little one’s arrival. Getting to be a part of any newborn session is an enormous gift, but getting to be part of Gracie’s newborn session made me feel like a kid in a candy store – like I couldn’t talk I was so excited. Imagine that one.

I could tell you story after story of college and mountain shenanigans with these two, but I want you to hear from them. Scroll down to hear about Gracie from Taylor + Dawn.

Laura: How did you decide on your daughter’s name?

Dawn: I’ve had the name Grace picked out for my daughter since I was in about 3rd grade. It was my great grandmother’s name, and I always enjoyed visiting her when I was little. Grace is also the middle name of Taylor’s younger cousin, Julia, who passed away suddenly in 2012. I’m glad that Taylor also loves the name I have loved for so long!

Laura: What has been most surprising in these first few weeks of being parents?

Dawn: We’re amazed at how much time we spend simply marveling at Grace during the day! Whether she’s awake or sleeping, we find ourselves staring at her. We’ve also been surprised at how quickly the day goes by. By the time we feed her, change her diaper, maybe attempt a few household duties, and hopefully squeeze in a nap, another day has quickly disappeared!

Laura: Describe how you felt when you first saw Gracie.

Dawn: I was 1) shocked, because I was so convinced I was carrying a boy all through the pregnancy (we didn’t find out the gender before she was born), 2) relieved, because the labor and delivery was OVER!! and 3) amazed, because she was the most beautiful thing. Truly, she was so amazingly beautiful even amidst the newborn “goo,” her slightly blue color (the last few minutes of the delivery got pretty scary), and the screaming, flailing body. Having her on my chest right after she was born was the most amazing feeling in the whole entire world.

Taylor: I had always wanted a baby girl. Dawn felt so strongly that it was a boy, so that’s what I believed too. That morning though, I told Dawn, “I’m changing my mind. I think it’s a girl.” So when Grace came out, I saw that it was a girl before the doctor did, and I exclaimed to Dawn, “Honey! It’s a girl!” I was so excited (just to have our baby be born) to have our girl, Grace. I was also relieved to see Grace because that meant that the hard part of the delivery was over…. that was pretty intense…

Laura: What did you enjoy most about your session?

Taylor + Dawn: Our session felt so natural with [you] Laura. We were comfortable in our own home, doing our own thing. It was super easy to work with [you] her all throughout the planning, during the session, and afterward.

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Estes Park Newborn Photographer

Little Gracie,

You are loved and cherished more than you will ever know. May you grow in the love of your Savior and come to love and admire your parents as I do. May your little legs learn to love the run, little hands to serve, and little eyes to see the needs of those around you. 

We love you, Grace.

– Laura