FAQ: Family Edition / Family Photographer Denver

FAQ: Family Edition / Family Photographer Denver

What does a typical FAMILY session look like?

While I don’t love posing, I always start family sessions getting everybody together for a classic shot. You’ll most likely be seated, looking at the camera, and we’ll get a few images of you all smiling nicely at the camera. I’ll give a few prompts to get you interacting, then we’ll move on to whatever activity you’ve chosen to do together or just hanging out at home.

Once you’re busy connecting and being yourselves either hanging out or in an activity, I’ll snap away. I’m there to document your time as a family, to show your relationships, and capture the small moments. If you’re really feeling stuck, I’ll give a little more direction to help you relax in front of the camera, but I promise it’s a lot easier than you think.

You can hear from a real mom about why she chose this type of session here.


What should we wear?

I have to admit, every time I get this question, my first reaction is always, “Clothes. You should wear clothes!”

Now that that’s out of the way…

Mix, don’t match. You shouldn’t be wearing the same thing as anyone else in your family – when do you do that on a regular basis? Never? Then don’t wear the same thing for pictures.

Wear something you would wear in normal life in which you are comfortable and confident. That confidence will show through your pictures, and you’ll like them more than if you bought something new just to “look nice” in pictures.

For more tips and how-tos you can get my Clothing Guide here.
For color palettes and clothing suggestions, check you this Pinterest board!


What is documentary and lifestyle photography, exactly?

To put it simply, documentary and lifestyle photography isn’t about cute poses and great backdrops, although it still uses some amazing locations. It’s about capturing every day life, real emotion, real moments.

I’ve explained it more fully through these blog posts.
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How do we decide on a location?

For family sessions, I strongly recommend doing your session at your home – especially if you’ve never had pictures there before.

I know that might seem uncomfortable to some, but your home is a powerful, important, and special place in the life of your family. It’s worth documenting.

Read more about why to have your family session in your home here.


Will you ‘Photoshop’ the pictures to make us look better?

Oooof. Nope. That’s a hard no. Photoshop is something that I just don’t do. I will do minor edits (i.e. acne removal), but it is the policy of Laura Glen Photography not to alter the appearances of my clients.

Read more about why I say “No” to Photoshop here.

And how I edit here.


When will we get our pictures back?

I want to ensure I provide you with my best work, so your full gallery will be delivered to you in 5-7 weeks. At that time you may purchase prints and products through my professional lab and download your images.


Can we just have the RAW files and edit them ourselves?

This is another thing that is a hard no. Here’s why.


These are just a few of the questions I am asked on a regular basis about Denver family photography sessions. If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch!