Where to Find What You Need with LGP / Colorado Wedding Photographer

With the launch of my new brand and site yesterday comes a lot of excitement and a lot of changes. A lot of those changes are visual, but today I wanted to walk you through where to find what you need on the Laura Glen website.

Where to Find What You Need with LGP

The Journal

I’ve been a journaler my entire life, so I often think of my blog as my online photography journal – hence the name. Here you’ll find recent sessions, how-tos, resource guides, swipe files and freebies (basically the same thing), and a few of my personal stories mixed in.

These are divided into six categories: Advice, Personal, Couples + Engagements, Families + Newborns, Weddings + Elopements, and The Series’. Links to these categories, as well as the search box, can be found at the bottom of the page.

Advice is where you’ll find all those how-tos, resource guides, and swipe files. Depending on the topic, each post in the Advice category can also be found in its respective Couples + Engagements, etc, category.

The Series’ is where you’ll find all the goodness (Wow, I say that a lot.) of The Real Beauty Series, The Outside the Frame Series, and any How-To articles. The Real Beauty Series seeks to encourage and uplift woman to value their bodies more for what they can do and the gift they are, rather than how they look. The Outside the Frame Series tells the story of what was really going on in and around the frame of one picture.

Lastly, you’ll find recent sessions in Couples + Engagements, Families + Newborns, and Weddings + Elopements.

If you still can’t find for what you’re looking, hit up the search box in the footer of the page.

Meet Laura

I’m a people person. I want to get to know you, and there’s a good chance you want to know a bit more about your photographer. Get all the details on this page.

The Portfolios

It is exactly what it sounds like. Visit the portfolio pages to see more of my work.

Your Investment Guides

Under Investment in the menu, you’ll find more information about each session offered, what to expect, and starting prices. Please oh please, don’t let a starting price deter you from contacting me about a session. Let’s talk and figure out what we can do to meet your photography needs.


Ready to book? Have a question? You can always email me at laura@lauraglenphotography or call me at 720-443-1261, but the Contact page is there for you, too!

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