I know everyone says this about kids, but I seriously can’t believe Grace is ONE, today! I was giddy when her parents first got in touch to get her newborn session on the calendar, and I’m giddy now to share her adventurous documentary family photography, one-year session with you guys!

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Adventurous Documentary Family Photography

Happy First Birthday, Gracie!

There are few things the Bodin family loves as much as spending time in God’s playground (aka outdoors), and Gracie has completely inherited that love for the outdoors.  She is endlessly curious, loves being barefoot, and of course, everything goes in her mouth right now.

We met at a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park that is a Bodin family favorite, ran into some wonderful friends, and set out down the trail. Grace was thrilled to be hiking, and even more thrilled when she was able to get down and feel the dirt between her toes for a bit.

Rain teased us throughout the hike, finally decided to sprinkle on us a little, but left us with great light, and an always wonderful view of Longs Peak. And of course, no session with the Bodin family would be complete without Taylor teasing me.

Me trying to get Gracie’s attention: Hey, Gracie Girl!
Taylor: She really likes monkey noises.
Me: (Makes monkey noises.)
Taylor: (Laughing really hard.)
Dawn: Taylor! No, she doesn’t!
Taylor: It worked! She fell for it!

The funnier part is that Grace loved the monkey noises, so I kept making them throughout the remainder of their session. Disclaimer to any visitors nearby us in RMNP – No, monkeys, gorillas or anything of the sort are not native to the Rocky Mountains, or Colorado. We don’t apologize for any confusion. Hope we made you laugh.

Adventurous Documentary Family Photography - First Year - First Birthday Session - Estes Park - Colorado Family Photographer - Rocky Mountain National Park Family Photographer

Taylor & Dawn, and Gracie,
I’ll say it again – I can’t believe Grace is ONE! This year went so quickly, and I am very grateful to have been the one to document it for your family. Thank you for every laugh, meal and welcoming me into your home and lives so warmly. Calling you my friends is an immense privilege, and I am humbled and honored that you chose me to photograph Gracie’s first year. Here’s to many more memories together!