I love documentary lifestyle photography for the connection it shows within a family. Relationship is very important to me, so it warms my heart when I get to document the power and commitment within yours.

There are times when documenting family life that one or both parents try to stay out of the pictures for any number of reasons. Heads up, Folks – I don’t let this slide. If you book a family session with me, you’re doing this as a family. It matters. Your small moments matter, your family matters, and it matters that your kids see you in pictures.

For this reason, my heart bursts with joy from the rooftops when parents are not only willing to be in pictures but are gung-ho about it. Growing up, my dad worked really hard, my mom worked really hard, but they never let that get in the way of being at every show choir competition, speech meet, musical performance, wrestling tournament, cross-country meet, or whatever else we found to do. They were always there.

What’s that have to do with heartwarming photos of fatherhood?

Well, I’m 27 years old, and still talking about the important ways my parents showed up in my life. It mattered then, it matters now, and it matters to your family that you are part of pictures.

The dads in these photographs showed up and jumped in. They are all in for their wives and their families, and it is one of the most beautiful things to witness in all the world. That’s why today I’m celebrating these heartwarming photos of fatherhood.

Heartwarming Photos of Fatherhood