When asked how I got into photography, I usually say something making a long story short, my dad really encouraged me, and God opened door after door for me to start and grow my business. Today, I’m going to make the short story long about How I Became a Photographer.

How I Became a Photographer

It started with lilies. No really. Well, at least the actual photographer part started with lilies, but we’ll get back to that. I’ve had a creative, artistic bend my entire life. Piano, painting, singing, lettering – I loved it all. I was mesmerized by the concept of pushing a button and creating an image for perpetuity. The more I learned about cameras and photography, I became enamored with using photography to tell a story, to remember crazy nights with friends or big life events. (The crazy nights with friends was how I imagined my pictures when I first dreamed of my own camera.)

My parents gifted me my first camera as a freshman in high school. The Canon Elph. I was utterly ecstatic. From then on, if there was something going on, if we were traveling, if there was a chance I might want to document what was going on (which was always), I had that camera in my hand. I was the kid taking all the pictures, the friend that other friends relied on for pictures from just about anything because they knew I’d have my camera. It was such a joy.

The Lilies

I remember the moment it first dawned on me that I was capable of taking ‘pretty’ pictures. This is where the lilies come in. Walking around my mom’s gardens with my Canon Elph, I saw her bed of lilies and decide to try making an ‘artsy’ picture of them. They turned out surprisingly well, and I became obsessed with macro photography and taking pictures of flowers. Pictures of people though? Not a chance. Flowers, yes.

After that garden epiphany, I slowly dabbled in landscape photography, but my pictures of people were…special. They weren’t awful, but in my head, I couldn’t photograph people, so I didn’t even try. I’d just say, “Hey, Guys! Let’s take a picture!” Snap. That was it.

‘People’ Photography

I can’t quite recall when the switch happened, but somewhere in there, I decided to give ‘people’ photography a try. My then-3-year-old cousins were more than happy to act as my subjects. The result? Well, let’s just say I thought they were terrific at the time. I kinda wish I could show them to you so you could see how far I’ve come, but the death of the hard drive on which they resided has rendered that impossible. ? (Let this be your reminder to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS IN MULTIPLE PLACES, PEOPLE.)

During this entire time, my parents, especially dad, and my lovely Aunt Carol encouraged me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to give photography a go. “Nope,” I’d say, “I’m not good at it. Nobody would ever hire me.” That perception of mine gradually changed as friends started asking me to take their engagement pictures, wedding pictures, senior pictures, just for fun pictures. I still didn’t think I was good at this photography thing, so I was rather confused as to why they’d want such a horrible photographer as me to take their pictures (PSA – Don’t say things like that to yourself).

Opening Laura Glen Photography

I took their pictures and continued to do photography on the side until 2015 when I moved back to Nebraska from Colorado to be closer to family. I struggled to find a job, and a stellar photographer friend had just told me, “Even if you’re not doing photography full time, make yourself busy with it. Keep at it.” So that’s what I did. My sister, brother-in-law, and parents helped me narrow down a name, and I dove into Laura Glen Photography.

How I Became a Photographer