Here at Laura Glen Photography, we do your family photo session a bit differently. Being a documentary, lifestyle photographer, I thrive on capturing your family in their real-life element. I do very little – if any – posing, ‘cause putting you in a pose doesn’t lend itself to authentic interaction. Your Family Photo Session with me will be jovial, full of activity, laughter, and sometimes a few tears. To help you think about what you might want to do with your session, here are eight ideas for your family photo session.

Ideas for Your Family Photo Session

Keep in mind that the point is to get you interacting, playing and being yourselves. Action and emotion are beautiful and wonderful things that will make your images that much more magical. If you don’t see something here that fits with your family, think about the things your family loves to do together – whatever that is, that’s what you should do!

Family Soccer Game

Or tag, or football, or whatever athletic endeavor your family enjoys.
Visit the Ice Cream Parlour

Bake Together

Cookies, pie, cake – get your family’s sweet tooth fix, and have a marvelous time in the process. This might be a bit messy, but when is life not messy? Plus, messy cleans up, and makes for some fantastic images.

Paint a Masterpiece

This one can go a few ways – buy a giant canvas, a little (or a lot) of paint, and get to it! You can decide on a loose design beforehand, or just let your family’s creativity flow!

Play a Board or Card Game

Do you spend weekend evenings, Christmas or a special holiday playing a particular game? Let the competition begin!

Visit a Playground

Setting young kids free on a playground easily brings out their personality. Just let them play, and play with them!

Something Just for You

This isn’t something that should be overwhelming or stressful. I am happy to help you brainstorm ideas for your family photo session, but just remember to keep it simple. This is first about spending time with your family, and second about your family photo session.

5 Ideas for Your Family Photo Session