I don’t document your family life, your wedding, or those precious first few days with your newborn for the entire world. It’s your choice to share, but these moments are really for you and your family.

In a world where everything is open to the public, where posting to social media about all the important and seemingly mundane moments of your day is not only encouraged, but considered abnormal if you don’t, I want you to encourage you that keeping moments private is not only okay – it’s healthy and normal.

Your closest friends and family, those former college classmates, and the neighbors down the street don’t need to be privy to every moment of your lives, let alone the ups and downs, laughter and tears of your children.

It’s Okay Not to Share

Don’t Hear What I’m Not Saying

I’m not saying you shouldn’t share. Guys, I’m a photographer. The images I create are made for reminiscing, and in part for sharing. They are made to help you remember the small moments, to snap you out of a moment of busy to help you focus on what truly matters. Sometimes that means sharing.

What I Am Saying

Be cognizant of what you share, when you share it, and why you are sharing it. Is it for likes and followers? Is it to make your life look perfect? Your family or yourself look incredible, or maybe to make others jealous? Will what you share embarrass someone now or in the future? Are you sharing because that particular moment, image, or quote is important to your family and you want others to share in your joy? Are you sharing to serve (Rants and speeches are not serving), uplift and encourage? Is what you’re sharing a milestone, an important moment?

I’m not a mom, but I am thankful that every single moment of my life isn’t available for the world to see. And I’m thankful that my mom is thoughtful of which moments she shares of mine and my siblings lives now. Not everything needs to be public. It’s okay not to share.

But, it’s how people get to know you as a photographer! It’s just the way it is!

Okay sure, sharing on social media can be one way people get to know about my business and me personally, and it can be a cool way for others to learn about you, but there is beauty in keeping things just for your family, just for you and your spouse.

As far as social media sharing being just the way things are – NOPE. Not true. It might be the way many people operate, but it doesn’t have to be the norm, nor does it have to be the way you operate.

Why This Matters to Me

We live in a culture of instant gratification – fast fashion, instant downloads, fast food and faster food, instant access to information – the list goes on. Somewhere in there, instant access to our lives became part of the menu, and that often includes moments that either may not need to be shared at all, should be kept private, or don’t need to be shared in real time.

Stepping away from putting every ounce of our lives on social media means slowing down and celebrating the small moments in our lives with those that matter the most – our families, our spouses, our loved ones.

This matters a lot to me because I am not a photographer for likes and followers. I am not a photographer to give you that supposedly Instagram worthy image, help you kill it on your social media feeds, or to make your friends jealous.

Because small moments matter, I am a photographer. Because simple, everyday life needs to be remembered in a way that says, “This time was beautiful. This time was precious.” I am a photographer because we need to see and remember our individual beauty, the beauty in our families, and the beauty in those moments that our world says are not beautiful. I am a photographer because you matter. And you matter far more than the temporary gratification any likes on a post will garner.

Why I Wrote This Post

So, I didn’t write this post to rant about oversharing on social media. I wrote this post to encourage you that it’s okay not to share, because keeping some things to yourself, and for your family, has the ability to show how valuable those moments and memories are. It’s okay not to share because sometimes we share too much.

It\'s Okay Not to Share