Guys! I am so thrilled to be here at the start of the Real Beauty Series and to have Jentry here to kick us off (if you missed the first installment of this series, click here). This lady is a genuine, gregarious and dedicated youth leader, a talented singer, and wise beyond her years. But, you’re not here to hear from me, today, so let me jump outta the way, and let Jentry tell her story.

Jentry – Real Beauty Series

“Nobody else notices the frizz, the inflamed face, the size of my thighs except me. People are looking at my physical appearance as beautiful, unique, and simply ME! I can’t be anything better than me, except me with more confidence and delight that I am created and living exactly how God intended/s me to be! — Today, I choose to NOT look in the mirror and ever say “You look like crap,” “Dang, I hate my things,” “Yuck, my hair looks gross.” Those words are OUT OF MY VOCABULARY (THIS is a CHOICE). Every girl can choose to look in the mirror, admit they have feelings of insecurity, and say out loud, “Guess what…I have a great life, beautiful eyes (or whatever part of YOU you like most), I am going to be kind, and I have a Father in heaven who loves me!”

The beauty of your heart will ALWAYS outweigh your looks!

If you choose to walk with joy, kindness, love, delight, and confidence, you are living a life that is full of a deeper richness than any physical security you could find for the moment. Remember – even the girls we label as the prettiest, the most in shape, the ones with the best hair, still have insecurities. All girls, all women have moments of discontentment, YOU can be the difference. It starts with finding security in who you are based. The definition that the Lord has given you. That is beautiful, dearly loved, made the way you are on purpose with no mistakes!

By taking care of your body through food/exercise your feelings of self-worth are often improved and confidence is strengthened. Ready for a truth bomb? Here it is: I am afraid of the gym, and I probably eat ice cream every day. I have driven to the gym and never walked in too many times to count. OR, walked into the gym and never made it to the class I intended to attend. Why? Fear and comparison! We cannot let fear win the battle in our heart over our own identity! Find friends, listen to words of encouragement, journal your experience. With every small step of growth, you can celebrate overcoming small bumps in the road until you are bounding over hurdles.

You are beautiful and dearly loved.

Stop believing the lies, the pressures, the “supposed to’s.” Replace them with the truth. It’s valuable to admit to yourself and others what you’re struggling with. But, whether you’re the girl who hears it or the one who says it, take a moment to encourage that girl. Release her of those comparisons, give her that word of affirmation that she is who she is supposed to be! Look in the mirror and tell her/yourself, “You are beautiful and dearly loved! Your life has worth, and matters just the way you are!”

– Jentry


You have always been a dynamic source of support, encouragement, and what-the-heck-are-you-doing in my life. Thank you for being so transparent in the sharing of your story. 

– Laura

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