It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the real beauty here, but here we are! Today, we’re continuing the conversation about what it looks like to accept and celebrate your body with Jordan’s letter to her younger self.


Dear 17-Year-Old Jordan:

I see you obsessively tanning, waxing, whitening, & shopping.* You are using your appearance to gauge your worth. I see you judging & comparing your looks to other’s, leaving you feeling either great or horrible over things out of your control. And, I see you wearing push-up bras, low-cut shirts, & tight, short pants.* Why do you view yourself as an object for another’s enjoyment?

You’re only setting yourself up for failure & selling yourself short. I see that disordered binge eating you do to make bad emotions go away. What’s at the root of your problems? In time, you’ll recognize that this way of treating yourself is ultimately unfulfilling & unsustainable. Soon, you’ll see that your body is actually an amazing piece of equipment, one you’ll want to take care of and honor. Soon, you’ll find that your value as a person isn’t tied to the way you look, and this will give you freedom.

What’s helped me?

1) Understanding who we are in God’s eyes. 2) Learning about the body – I was a bio major in college. The beauty of just being a human is enough to make the external factors fade. 3) Working at a nursing home, where people’s optimism, humor, kindness, & generosity make them most beautiful. 4) Following inspirational ladies / Registered Dietitians on Instagram – check out the heartwarming “About” sections of The Real Life RD & IMMAEATTHAT‘s blogs (You can find links to their Instagram accounts and websites below). They’re the best at fighting back against our culture’s whack diet mentality.

*Disclaimer – I’m not the judge of whether these practices are right or wrong. I just needed to learn that these are individual preferences, not required to be accepted as a beautiful human.

The Real Life RD | Robyn Coale, RD, FNP



IMMAEATTHAT | Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RDN, LD



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