Moses, oh, Moses! Do you supposes your toses are roses, but do you supposes erroneously? Sorry. I had to. Any musical loving pals out there would have had to do the same, so it’s good that Kristen and Zach are two such friends.

Guys, they are CUTE, and always have been. We sang in our college’s chamber choir, and I loved hearing how Zach had asked Kristen out under the organ of a Czech cathedral on choir tour. Everything about that story made my heart smile. Fast forward six years (woah), pulling up in front of their house already felt like hanging out with Kristen, her warm hugs, and kind demeanor.

“I remember feeling a little anxious before she came over, thinking, ‘What if he cries the entire time, what if we don’t get any decent pictures? Is our home clean enough?” Kristen says. “But then, Laura came inside like a fresh of breath air and the sunniest smile, so down to earth and silly and easy to talk to. She put us completely at ease.”

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“Laura let us just be a family doin’ our thing, let the dogs run around, took pictures from lots of different angles indoors and outdoors, and didn’t ask us to pose in any weird positions. She just wanted to capture us as US. It was so much fun.”

I asked if she would capture just a few moments of me nursing Moses because that’s been an incredibly special part of my motherhood journey. She did it so well and not awkwardly. Laura was also extremely good at communicating back and forth through email before the session, answering all my questions, making sure I felt ready and excited and appreciated. I would totally have her shoot my family’s pictures again!”

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Zach + Kristen,

Being welcomed into your home to document your quiet, in-between moments is a privilege for which I am extremely grateful. Your session was so full of meaning. It was the epitome of why I love capturing a glimpse of a day-in-your-lives. Thank you for entrusting me with recording and remembering this precious time in your life together. It is a true gift.



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