Disclaimer: When I talk about being local, I’m talking about Colorado and Nebraska. I live in Colorado, but grew up in the Good Life, so traveling there to photograph you is just a wonderful trip home for me. 🙂 The rest of the time, I’m a Local Colorado Photographer.

I spent a few weeks at my sister’s house in Europe last Winter, and the time away from internet and social media was a gift. It also gave me a lot of time to think, ponder and reflect, and I realized something – I had been chasing someone else’s dream (i.e. I wasn’t focused on being a Local Colorado Photographer).

This realization was a hard one for me. I can be quite stubborn (Ask my family). I know what I want, and I’m going to work toward it with all I have. How dare something suggest that what I was chasing with my business, my work, my time be the accolades of someone else’s goals!

But, it was true.

It was essentially still my photography dream, but really didn’t look like it very much. Somewhere along the way, I listened too much to what my industry says is success. I read too much into what so many other people said my business or my goals should be, and ended up on a road toward some unknown photographer’s goal.

I love traveling, but I don’t want to be the destination photographer that is gone every weekend. There are some incredible images out there created by photographers who are gifted at directing and posing, but posing isn’t me. Awards are cool and all, but if I am only doing this for the highest accolades in the photography industry, then I have completely lost sight of why I started this in the first place.

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My Dream / Local Colorado Photographer

Now, I am not saying that I will not travel for photography ever. I’m saying that I don’t want it to be my bread and butter. I am not saying that I will never, ever give you direction in front of my camera. I’m saying that a perfectly posed image is not my style, it’s not how I work. And, I am also not saying that I will never try to win another photography contest or get published. I’m saying that those distinctions are not the point of why I pick up my camera each day.

Traveling is important to me, but I want to come home to my nephews, I want to know and be involved in my neighborhood, community and church. I want to be around for those backyard barbecues, birthday parties and ski days. I want to know my community, in order to serve my community. And, I don’t personally know how to do that if I’m hopping in a plane or driving my car across the country each week and/or weekend.

I know many photographers who pose through every session they do, and it works for them. It’s gold for them, but it isn’t for me. I learned how to wield my camera through Cousin Christmas and Cousin Camp, while climbing mountain slopes, and documenting my real, everyday life. I didn’t imagine how to create this perfectly set-up image and how to orchestrate it, but imagined movement, and moment, and life in my images. The laughter you can’t hold in, the tear rolling down your cheek, the joy of the summit, and the gasp that comes when you feel the same emotion looking at a photograph as you felt while being photographed…

Real life is what I imagined.

In real life, there are awards, kudos and accolades to be had. And, oh how wonderful it feels to be the one recognized and honored for your work. But, that’s not why I do this, and it isn’t why I started this. I remember one of the first times someone saw an image I had made, and they were speechless. Their eyes started filling with tears.

I don’t do this to make people cry (Although, if you cry tears of joy when you see my images, I won’t complain), but to help us remember what matters. Photography is my profession, because I believe life passes so quickly, and the small precious moments in our lives – those sweet smiles from my nephews, the look of pride from my dad, the feeling of my mom’s hand on my face, listening and watching my sister play her grand piano, my nephew’s little hand wrapped around two of my fingers – are gone much too fast, but are so worth remembering.

I am a photographer for those moments, and I want to document those moments for you.

When I first dreamed of being a photographer, I didn’t dream of globetrotting. I dreamed of being invited to the quiet nights and rambunctious parties of my clients as their Local Colorado Photographer. I dreamed of that gasp, that moment of awe I hope you feel when you look back at your images. And, when I dreamed of being a photographer, I dreamed of home. I dreamed of putting down roots, knowing my neighbors (Goodness, how we love you guys!), knowing the land, these mountains well.

So my dream is here, it’s at home. Sometimes, it takes me across the country, but I want to be local. I want to chase my dream, not someone else’s.

Everyone Has a Different Dream: The Importance of Being Local / Colorado Photographer