Most days you can find me lacing up my running shoes or writing letters with fancy pens on classy paper. I'm known for breaking out in song with rockin' dance moves to match and spend as much time outside as possible. I love investing in my world by sharing my love for an active lifestyle. I am most passionate about my faith, my family, running, and my husband, Ryan.

When I'm not fiddling with my camera, you can catch me singing all sorts of silly songs to my nephew, hiking with my husband, or gallivanting across the planet to see my sister.

Working with Laura Glen

My style is real, relaxed and in the moment. No stiffly posed images here! I want the laughter you can't hold in, that tear on your cheek, the simple, small, sometimes the messy, but always the beautiful.

I want to document your real life. Not your posed life, not your life as you wish it to be, but your life as it is. I want to help you remember the quiet beauty in your wedding day or everyday family life. I don't mind if your child can't sit still, or if your wedding party can't stand still, for that perfect portrait, I want to see their personality, their play, their smile that comes out only for you. 

I'm all about photographing your real, wonderful life.

5 Things You Should Know about Me

1. The "Glen" in "Laura Glen" is an ode to my maiden name, Glendenning.

2. As a stationery addict, my husband rarely allows me to visit the local paperie alone.

3. I am a huge hamburger lover!

4. For one Summer, I mowed my parents' yard in circles every time I mowed.

5. I don't like coffee, but drink tea like it's going out of style.