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Hey there!

I love documenting your most meaningful moments, so I want to share some of mine with you!

Most days you can find me lacing up my running shoes or writing letters with fancy pens on classy paper. I love the way trail running, hiking, long bike rides, and time at my piano fuel my soul, and make my heart sing. I’m very nostalgic, which is a big part of why I love my job, and need at least one quiet moment in my day to breathe.

My heart is happiest outdoors, and when spending time with my family. The youngest of three, and an aunt times three, I’m still learning to do life with my sister on a far away continent and my brother on a faraway coast. Visiting them is fun and all, but I’m more then ready to have them just down the street or around the corner.

Photography is my thing because I want to help you see the beauty in the small moments of your life, to help you realize that posed isnt perfect. and that messy is more than okay. Your days, your life, your little moments are important. They are worth documenting.

Ultimately, being a Colorado family and wedding photographer isn’t about pictures, it’s about people. This isn’t about weddings and cute pictures of squishy newborns, it’s about marriages and new beginnings. It isn’t about transactions, but about building relationships and documenting real life. It’s not about one day, but about capturing these memories for a lifetime.

four fast facts
1. I love tea
and stock up at the Celestial Seasonings Factory Store once a year. For the past two years, I’ve spent $17.00 on my habit for the year.
2. Born and raised in Nebraska
I am a huge Husker Football fan.
Go Big Red!
3. a musical family
I love musical theatre. Some of my favorite Broadway artists include Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Leslie Odom Jr., and Hugh Jackman.
4. hamburger lover
Add baked beans, sea salt and cracked pepper chips, corn on the cob, and honeydew, and I’ll be your friend forever.
Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

My memories of this adventure are probably more fond than those of my brother, Stephen. I now love the mountains, love backpacking, but on this particular excursion, I asked my brother, "When will they stop going up?" He turned around and continued up the switchback rolling his eyes at me, probably wondering why he brought me along. Despite my climbing struggles on this trip, the nights around the campfire, and days traversing glaciers with my brother and his best friend are some of my fondest memories.


Superstition Wilderness

Superstition Wilderness

First off, we were backpacking in the desert. It was winter, but still the desert, and my first experience with the ecosystem. Couple that with the unexpected presence of fighter jets cresting the canyon walls, spooking myself every time grouse flew out of the bushes, and a nearly flat tire on our car when we emerged from the wilderness, and it was one stellar trip. Really, it was. My brother and I spent our days hiking and exploring, and our nights playing cards and watching the stars. It was simple. It was wonderful. I want to go back.


Colorado Rocky Mountains

Colorado Rocky Mountains

I call myself a Husker Girl with a Mountain Heart, because I may have grown up on the prairie, and Nebraska may always be home, but my heart sings in the mountains. There are few things that can match the feeling of rising above tree line, feeling your lungs burn, heart pound, and seeing mountain range after range folded out before you. It’s the place where I feel the smallest, the most alive, and feel God the closest.


My favorite things

Consider this my very own “Raindrops on Roses” list.

(What did you think I’d really let my entire site go by without a Julie Andrews reference?)

Being an aunt

There are few things that bring me as much joy in life as the three boys who call me “Auntie Wola”. I spend every spare second with them that I possibly can.


Hiking, cycling, hammocking, backpacking, breathing – moments in the mountains fuel and replenish my soul. After having spent time living in Estes Park, Colorado, I call the sweet valley ‘Home.’


I first fell in love with these morsels while my sister attended a small Dutch school in Iowa. I can’t get enough of their caramel goodness. The best stroopwaffles I’ve ever had were actually in Germany. Sorry, Netherlands. I’m game to try again, though.

Warm Words

“I am constantly in awe of her photos.”

“Laura is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with.”

“She let us just be a family doing our thing…just wanted to capture us as US.”

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