Goodness. How to describe Meg? This girl is goofy with a side of serious, ready for any dance battle, and always there to cheer you on. Meg is passionate about serving her community through her high school classroom, and her love for her students is contagious. In her, you will quickly find a kindred spirit, a warm hug, and a patient ear. With that warm hug and patient ear comes wise counsel, and a much-needed perspective on real beauty.

Meg / Real Beauty Series

“When I was younger my self-esteem was built upon the truths of Scripture. From spending time personally reading the Bible and hearing it spoken to me and over me, I grew in the knowledge that God had intentionally created me with certain gifts and strengths, that He had a wonderful, specific plan and purpose for my life, and that He dearly loved all of me.  Oh man, how thankful I am that those truths washed over me from a very young age.  It was also a huge blessing to be surrounded by parents, youth leaders, family, and dear friends who demonstrated those truths and encouraged me in them.

But amongst these truths was hidden the little lie that I wasn’t truly beautiful without make-up on. I am a red-head, and although I wouldn’t trade my ginger locks for anything, I was not the biggest fan of my invisible (blonde) eyelashes and eyebrows.  I began wearing eye-shadow in 7th grade, and then finally in 8th grade, my mom let me graduate to wearing mascara.  Mascara painted over my invisible eyelashes and gave definition to my blue eyes and pale face–without it, I impersonated a ghost.

I took off my makeup every night and would wake up without makeup every morning.  I would look at my face in the mirror, and I thought the face that looked back was not beautiful.  But I never dwelled on that thought.  It merely passed for a second in my mind, and I never gave it time to fester long.  That’s why this little lie never grew into something unmanageable–something that I couldn’t overcome.  I praise God for that.

But, the lie festered in other ways.  I remember my high school boyfriend always loved when I didn’t wear make-up, but I never took time to appreciate his encouragement or take it to heart.  One morning he came to our friend’s house to ask me to his senior prom by filling my car with balloons and painting all over it.  I had just slept-over at that friend’s house and opened the door to see him and my car with no make-up on.  I ran and hid in a closet for 10 minutes because I didn’t want him to look at my bare face, which then ruined the time and care he had put into asking me to go to prom.

Believing this lie was selfish of me because I was choosing to ignore the truth that I was truly beautiful.  And, this truth was not based on my own opinion; I am truly beautiful because the Almighty God has called me beautiful.

Remove the Lie and Believe the Truth

It took small steps to remove the lie and believe that truth–but I confidently remain in it now!  During my senior year of high school, my best friend and I declared every Monday a “no make-up Monday” where we didn’t wear any make-up to school.  And in college, I stood in front of the mirror without wearing make-up and told myself: “I am beautiful.  Not because others think so.  Not because I think so.  But because God thinks I am beautiful.”  Human opinions change, but our Father God remains the same, and that is how I rest in the truth that I am truly beautiful.

Because I am now confident in this truth that I am truly beautiful, the lie cannot shake me anymore.  I have shown up to work without any make-up a few times, and the very first time I did, none of my high school and middle school students recognized me.  One of them thought I was a boy, and they all proceeded to tell me this.  But their words did not hurt me, because my beauty does not depend upon their opinions.

I would have loved to tell my young high school self and any person who struggles with realizing this truth to rehearse it.  Maybe you talk to your mirror like I did later in life or maybe you write it down.  But after you rehearse this truth–act on it!  Accept compliments. Go out in public without makeup Encourage and speak truth over others in that same area.  Then the truth of real beauty becomes a reality.”

– Meg

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