There are family reunions, then there are family reunions – this is the latter. Really. When you’re the youngest of 24 cousins (Yes, that includes their spouses.) with 31 children under the age of 12 in the next generation and three more on the way, family reunions look like Cousin Camp. And, Cousin Camp is full of all kinds of excitement – pools, float trips, water balloons, a camp store, bounce houses (Now adult-sized – we wanted in on the fun!), science experiments, cotton candy and snow cones, golf, fireworks, and our very own glow run.

Usually a two-day excursion, a third day was added this year, ’cause as the kids say, “We always run out of time!”

Ryan and I arrived a day into the festivities this year. When we made it to the farm, my mom said, “You’ve got to see the backyard!” Oh. my. goodness. The kids had yet to return from our kayaking excursion, so Ryan was up, in, and all over that thing.

Race after race was held through our very own inflatable obstacle course. Yours truly may or may not have been the victor of our adult competition. Being a fun-sized human has its advantages.

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A camp staple, cotton candy, and sno cones keep our campers going (and crashing regularly). My dad has been the cotton candy master since the inaugural Cousin Camp and spends hours spinning the sweet floss. When he finally retires from his sugary post, Bill takes over to see what he can do. Last year it was a cotton candy bigger than a beach ball, this year it was Looney Tunes characters.

Until next year!

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