She was a vet student on rotation at the feedlot he worked at in Oklahoma. When Allison finished her rotation and moved to Central NE to be a small-town vet, Cody realized he couldn’t live without her, and soon followed.

I wanted to be the laid-back bride on my wedding day, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. But, Allison, well, Allison was just that. When I arrived to start capturing her and her ladies getting ready, Allison answered the door in jeans, flannel with hair all done. She was calm as she charged me with their rings, and other details, to photograph, calm as her mother helped her into her dress, and calm as she told me several times throughout the day, “As long as we get married, that’s all that matters.”

Cody echoed this attitude when I found him patiently awaiting his bride’s arrival at Broken Arrow Wilderness. When it finally came time to see her, the love and admiration in his heart was evident in the deep quiet of his eyes. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her, turned her in circles just to enjoy her beauty, and the beauty of the moment.

Nebraska Wedding Photographer

A groom like Cody and a bride like Allison are everything I hope for when I photograph couples. I wish for down-to-earth, outdoorsy couples that know regardless of the day’s events all that matters is that they got married. Whatever else happens that day is a bonus, a beautiful memory to laugh about or cherish later.

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Allison + Cody,

I’ve said it many times, but I truly mean it – your day was simply beautiful. Your family’s excitement and joy for your marriage – your father’s emotion, Cody, and your mother’s tenderness, Allison – warmed my heart. Being the one to photograph your day was a gift. Thank you for inviting me to share in the celebration of your marriage.



Mr. + Mrs. Kloxin / Broken Arrow Wilderness / Fullerton, Nebraska Wedding Photographer