If you follow along with the Outside the Frame series at all you are bound to hear me say this over and over and over again: This is one of my favorite pictures. Before you begin to think those words have lost their weight, hear me out.

The images I choose to share through this series truly are my most favorite images I have ever created. I can’t pick one favorite because each image is so different. When we were dating, my husband just started asking me “Is it your favorite?” when I would say I really liked something, whether it be a food, song, etc. I tend to say things are my favorite a lot, but that doesn’t mean I like everything. It means I am passionate about what I do like, and the English language is not diverse enough for me to express that fully.

I digress. Basically, get used to hearing me say an image is my favorite, and know it has deep meaning to me in one way or another.

Outside the Frame – Issue 01

A Girl in Leggings and Her Basketball

I walked out to recess, talked with one of the teachers, and saw her pick up the ball out of the corner of my eye. This sweet girl caught my eye earlier in the morning as she played with her friends before school – her shirt tucked into her floral leggings got me chuckling. The teacher and I kept talking as I eased out onto the asphalt to get a better angle.

I snapped a few shots, glanced at them on the back of my camera, and the laughter returned. I couldn’t and still can’t get over the hand on the hip, basketball action going on here. It’s so good, just perfect.

I think my favorite thing about this shot is this little lady owning the court and who she is. Granted, she may not even realize her behavior exudes confidence, but if what I observed of her in the few days I spent at her school is any indication, she is going to be one force of a woman.

That’s why I choose this picture for the Outside the Frame series. It may appear to be nothing more than an image of a young girl playing at recess, but what I see is a little girl in leggings who will grow up to know who she is and call others to do the same.

The Outside the Frame Series is a place where Laura Glen shares the stories of some of the most favorite images she\'s taken – what happened that led to that image, the meaning or impact of the image – or maybe just the one over which she is currently swooning.