Planning, Flexibility in Your Family Photo Session / Lifestyle Photographer Denver

If you walk away from this post with only one thing, remember this – flexibility in your family session is completely necessary. We can plan where you want to go, what you want to do, and what you want to wear to the nth degree, but when do plans ever go as planned?

Planning & Flexibility in Your Family Session

I know every mom wants that perfect Christmas card photo, and I want to create it for you. You work hard to make sure your family is completely ready for their session. You’ve talked about the session beforehand, the fact that a photographer is going to follow them around, and that they just need to be themselves. You’ve made sure their clothes are ready to go, the house is as normal as possible, and everyone is ready and happy for the session.

And I do everything on my end to scout the location for the best light, direct as needed and capture the best of the best of your family. (Note: Your home is always the best location.) Documentary and lifestyle photography may be all about real life, but I always come prepared with a ‘plan’ for every session.

With all of this planning, I know how aggravating it can be when things go awry. But this is real life. Real life photography is what I do, and it’s why you hired me. It’s why I hardly expect your little ones to be thrilled about being in front of a camera for an hour. And why you’ll find me laughing at their antics frequently throughout the session. Kids will be kids and it’s okay.

Be flexible. Be patient. I promise we will get that perfect Christmas card photo. Being embarrassed, stressed, or frustrated that the plan isn’t working won’t get you there. Relaxing and choosing to let the session unfold will.

So be yourselves, be a family. Laugh, tell jokes, cuddle, play, sing, dance, and let me handle the photographs. I’ve got the camera, you be a family.

Planning and Flexibility in Your Family Photo Session / Best Lifestyle Photographer Denver