If you’ve read my tips for hiring a wedding photographer, you’ll notice a few similarities in these Tips for Hiring a Colorado Family Photographer. But don’t tune out, read on, ask yourself these questions, and walk away today better informed on how to choose the right Colorado family photographer to document your family’s small moments and connection.

Questions for Hiring a Colorado Family Photographer

Know Your Style, Know What You Want

1 – What do you want to do with your photos?

Will these be printed and given to Grandma? Sent out in the family Christmas Card? Are you looking to hang them on the wall to enjoy for years to come, or place in the family photo album?

2 – Which photographic style are you drawn to most? Or, what kind of pictures do you envision?

Every photographer, even within the same type of photography, has their own style. Take the time to understand why you are drawn to a particular photographer’s style. Is it how they edit? Are you in a studio? Is it how they manage to get everyone posed perfectly? Or do the images capture your family’s actual personality and emotional connection?

3 – Where do you want to have your session?

Are you picturing a studio session? (Sorry, I don’t do that.) Something in a park? Spending time at home with your family? Heading out on your favorite hiking trail?

4 – Do you understand their pricing?

Before you balk when you see a photographer’s pricing, remember two things – 1) You really do get what you pay for, and 2) Pricing includes more than simply the time your Colorado Family Photographer spends actually taking your pictures.

Some photographers are more expensive, and some are less expensive, but when you see pricing that you feel is steep, it is highly likely that that photographer is more experienced. In other words, you’ll be more pleased with the final product of your session than if you selected the most inexpensive photographer you could possibly find.

Understanding what is involved in your session fee is important. That information is available on my Investment page, and a detailed description of what is included in my pricing can be found here.

Go with your gut.

Yep, even with photography. If you’ve found a photographer whose style you love, but you just don’t click personality wise, move on. The reverse is true, also. If you love a photographer’s personality, but their style just isn’t you, that’s not a good fit.

Hire the photographer whose style you just love, and whom you feel confident will create beautiful images of your family that you’ll cherish. That’s my job.