During high school and early college, I severely struggled with body image. To be honest, “severely struggled with body image” is putting it lightly. I was anorexic for the better part of five years. I still can’t say there was good in it, but I can say I don’t think I would ever appreciate my body for what it can DO in the way I do without those years.

The Real Beauty Series

Those years tore at my heart, but recovery taught me to respect the incredibly complex machine that is my body. Those years also gave me a heart to see young women, my peers, and those ahead of me, walk an easier road. By sharing my story, I hope they will desire to value and celebrate their bodies exactly as they are. Out of that desire came the Real Beauty Series, an opportunity to share the stories of strong women in my life – their joys, their struggles, and how they came to appreciate their bodies.

Real beauty isn’t about a number on the scale, eating or exercising a certain way, or the clothes or makeup we don. Real beauty is the celebration of and gratitude for our bodies as they currently stand. Every woman struggles with their appearance to one degree or another, but we often leave that internal battle for ourselves to fight alone. It is my sincere hope that this series will encourage and uplift, unite, and cause us to question why we hold certain things to be true about ourselves. Man or woman, real beauty exists in each one of us.

Welcome to the Real Beauty Series.

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The Real Beauty Series