I’ve been a little slow on the delivery of this pre-Christmas, Relaxed Family Photography session – add the wedding of my brother and crazy awesome sister-in-law between Christmas and New Year’s, and you understand why I am just digging myself out of December editing – but I’ve finally finished the Redfield family gallery, and here it is!

Christmas 2017 was the first time my brother-in-law’s family was able to be all together in one place for the first time in several years. So what do you do? You document it. It’s a special time. Add a kindergartner, a toddler, and a baby, and it’s a crazy time. Oh, and don’t forget the 94-year-old spitfire of a grandma. She’s a sassy one, but oh is she a gem.

Relaxed Family Photography / Boulder Family Photographer

When I arrived, the oldest boys were tucked on the couch reading together. L wants to be just like his older cousin R, and could frequently be found wherever R was, doing whatever R was doing. It was quite funny to watch.

The youngest in the bunch wasn’t too thrilled about being part of this Relaxed Family Photography session, yet she is breathtakingly beautiful even when upset.

Throughout the whole session, I appreciated the family’s attitude about the chaos of the littles – “If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, we’ll still get some great pictures.” Exactly. Couldn’t agree more, Redfields.

I think my favorite pictures from this entire Relaxed Family Photography session are of Grandma Martin. I had the privilege of calling Grandma my roommate several years ago, and look upon the time we shared under one roof very fondly. She is a feisty, thriving, loving, sassy, tender and gentle 94-year-old with some of the best life stories you’ll ever hear. Her love for her family, her joy over her grandchildren and great-grandchildren emanate from her, and I love watching her interact, hearing her stories, and laughing at the sometimes ridiculous things she says.

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Redfield Family,
Thank you for inviting me to celebrate a bit of Christmas with you. I had a wonderful time with your family, and am so thankful my sister is part of yours.