I want you to adore your wedding album, and I do my best to ensure that happens. But wedding days are hectic, and things often happen that are out of the control of your photographer. To make sure I am able to do my job to the best of my ability, it’s important to set up your wedding photographer for success with a few simple tips.

How to Set Your Photographer Up for Success

Don’t Surprise Your Photographer

If you have a special event planned within your special event or something you absolutely don’t want to forget to have photographed, make sure to tell your photographer. Try as I might, I can’t read your mind, so when that special gift is given or a thousand balloons fall from the ceiling, I’ll be caught off guard along with your guests. While that is fun and all, if I have a heads up, I can capture you, the reactions of your guests, the excitement of the moment instead of scrambling to get to a better place to document the joy of it all.

Natural Light is the Best Light

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again – Natural light is the best light. That’s not to say I’ll never ever shoot with any sort of flash, but most photographers prefer natural light, and I am one of them. If your reception will be taking place during any daylight hours, it’s helpful to set up the head table across from a window, rather than in front of it. Doing this means your beautiful faces will be illuminated, rather than appearing as silhouettes in all of your reception images. I will also help you craft the ideal wedding day timeline to ensure all family, wedding party and couple portraits are completed while there is still solid daylight.

Have a Go-To Person

Mmmmmm – this one is hugely important. On the day of your wedding, you shouldn’t be worrying about anything other than getting married. Designate a friend, the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator, or a relative to be in the know of all reception timing and events. This person needs to be on top of things, able to answer any questions that may arise, so you can do your very important job of celebrating your new marriage.

Feed Your Photographer

Unless you want a very hangry Laura on your hands (Okay, I have manners, I’ll be nice.), make sure to feed your photographer. During your wedding day, there are no opportunities for me to eat, let alone sit down. So, provide your photographer with the same meal you are providing your guests at the same time you will all be eating.

Pull Up a Chair for Your Photographer

In other words, make sure your photographer has a seat at the reception, preferably near the head table in order to stow equipment, grab a drink of water here and there, and eat the delicious meal you provide. If you choose not to assign seats at your reception, it is still a good idea to reserve a seat for your photographer to ensure I can easily capture the moments and events going on at the head table, and around the reception.