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Pictures have always been intriguing to me because of the story, either the story of how the image came to be or what can be said in an image that can’t necessarily be communicated with words. Each picture I take, each session is full of these stories. Stories are why I do what I do.

Outside the Frame

Because of that, this is the start of a new monthly, series on the LGP blog. The Outside the Frame Series will be a place where I can share the stories of some of my most favorite images I’ve ever taken – what happened that led to that image, the meaning or impact of the image – or maybe just the one over which I am currently swooning.

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but in our society full of social media frenzy, those words and the meaning behind a photograph frequently get lost.

Enter the Outside the Frame Series. A collection of some of my (and yours!) favorite photographs, why they’re my favorites, what they mean to me, and the story behind the image.

It will also be a place to share the stories of some of your favorite photos. So if you love a particular image I’ve created and want to know the story behind the photo, I invite you to get in touch and let me know!

Behind the Photo Series - Colorado Family Photography - Unposed Photography - Boulder Family PhotographyLaura is a documentary lifestyle photographer aiming to curate moments, not poses. While based out of Denver, Colorado + Omaha, Nebraska, Laura is available for travel upon request. Her style is relaxed and real. She believes the small moments matter, and the mess that makes up life is truly worth remembering.


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The Outside the Frame Series / Colorado Real Life Photographer