Before we get to the truth, we need to root out a few lies I hear from clients on a regular basis and replace them with the truth.

The Lies

Here they are.

01 – Your everyday, real life isn’t beautiful unless it’s perfectly styled, perfectly normal, and perfectly clean. No mess allowed.

02 – Your moments at home with the kids, cooking dinner, around the dinner table, waking up the littles from their naps – these moments are unimportant and shouldn’t be seen or savored if they don’t fall under the first lie.

03 – Your real life isn’t beautiful if you’re not famous, if you don’t have x number of Instagram followers with which to share it, or if the only people with whom you have to share your real life is your family.

04 – Your real life isn’t beautiful if you don’t fit within a certain size, age, or demographic. If you don’t exercise and eat a certain way, your real life isn’t beautiful.

The Truth

Replacing lies with truth is one of the most powerful and important things we can do in our everyday lives.

01 – Your everyday, real life IS beautiful no matter how messy it may actually be or how messy you think it is.

02 – Your moments at home matter because those little fingers and toes are precious. Your moments at home with your family matter because you are each intrinsically valuable.

03 – Your real life IS beautiful regardless of who or how many followers you have in your social media spheres. Social media can never give you worth or value. Your worth and value can only come from the one who created you.

04 – Your real life IS beautiful no matter your size, weight, diet, or exercise. Your health matters, taking care of yourself matters, but those things will never fulfill or satisfy you – only God can do that. Don’t wait to be in pictures, don’t wait on your life until you’ve reached a certain size or weight. Learn to appreciate your body for what it can do, not for its appearance.

There are absolutely more lies out there about who we are, how we should live, think, look, and act. The ones I’ve shared above are the lies I most commonly hear from my clients. If there is another lie with which you find yourself struggling, root it out and replace it with truth!

The Truth About Your Real Life

The truth is – your everyday life is simple and simply beautiful. It doesn’t need to be full of red-carpet premieres and Instagram-worthy moments to be worth photographing, remembering and documenting. It just has to be your life with your people, your places, and your real-life moments.

You have laughter, you have tears, you have small joys and big moments. Each one of them is worth remembering in their own right. Don’t believe the lie that everything has to look perfect, that you have to be perfect before there will ever be anything worth documenting in your life.

How your little one curls her toes when she reads, the image of your husband as he rocks your child to sleep. Your hands intertwined with your loves on your wedding day. A quiet moment with your dad before walking down the aisle. Real, everyday life is beautiful. And the truth about your real life is that it matters. It is worth documenting.

Denver Family Photographer and Colorado Wedding Photographer, Laura Glen, talks about the truth about your real, every day life.