Here are your very own Engagement Session Tips. (Not engaged?! These tips are great for your couples session, too!)

4 Engagement Session Tips

Wear something in which you’re comfortable and confident.

Dress for success is a real thing. Don’t go for that dress, outfit, shoes or shirt you’ve seen in all the Pinterest photos. It’s not you, it’s trendy, and there’s a good chance you’ll look back at your images and think, “Oh, that doesn’t look like me.” That’s not what I want, that’s not what you want. If you want these images to go on your walls, wear something in which you’re comfortable and confident. You can still dress nicely, but wear something that is all ‘you.’

Be all in.

One of the biggest struggles in a couples session is often that one person is excited about getting pictures taken, and the other is just not having it. First off, don’t be the one raising a ruckus cause they have to get their picture taken. The time to do that is not during your session – it’s not good for the two of you, it sure isn’t fun for me, and it doesn’t lend itself to you loving your images later. If you’re going to do a couples session, be all in. Be all in for the one you love.

Choose a place or activity that is meaningful to you as a couple.

My style is relaxed – I photograph people in real life situations, real-life emotions. Those real-life emotions will show themselves best in a place or doing something that is significant to your story as a couple. That place or activity can be just about anything anywhere. I can help you brainstorm, but encourage you to do that first with the one you love.

You bring your love, I’ll handle the camera.

Your photo session is a time to forget about work, a time to forget about the pressures of your week. This time is all about you. It’s time set aside to celebrate your relationship. Take a deep breath, laugh, and just enjoy the time with your love.

The main thing? Relax and celebrate. You’re just enjoying time with your love, and I’m bringing along my camera so that you can remember these precious, important, small moments forever. These moments matter. They matter for your relationship, your marriage. These moments are worth documenting.