You’ve thought and planned over every detail of your wedding day, but have you thought about how to care for yourself so you feel the best of your best on that day? Not everyone does, but many brides reach their wedding so wrapped up in the day and the details they struggle to slow down and enjoy the day. It is my hope that these tips to feel your best on your wedding day will help you focus on what is most important that day – marrying your love.

3 Tips to Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

01 – Give your phone to someone you trust.

This is your day. Your day to celebrate, enjoy and remember – not to coordinate, and stress over. Regardless of whether or not guests know they shouldn’t come to the bride with any issues or concerns, someone will text or call you on your wedding day. Passing your phone off to someone you trust – a bridesmaid, family member for example – let’s them handle any questions that may arise, and let’s you enjoy your special day. Your only job is to get married.

02 – Get your sleep.

You need it. Weddings are tiring enough without inadequate rest, and getting plenty of rest the night before your wedding isn’t enough. Even if it requires a bit of rearranging of your schedule, ensure that you get plenty of sleep the week of your wedding.

03 – EAT.

Eat breakfast. Eat lunch. Dinner. AND snack. FOOD IS FUEL. You know this. It isn’t rocket science, but too many people – let alone brides on their wedding day – neglect this fact. You’ll feel better, be able to think better, and you’ll find the whole of the day more enjoyable if your stomach is full.

3 Tips to Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day / Colorado Lifestyle Wedding Photography