You have been anticipating this day long before the moment your love placed that ring on your finger, and it’s finally here. Your dad walks you down the aisle as guest after guest steps slightly ahead of you to get that perfect, blurry shot for Instagram, you take your soon-to-be husband’s hand, turn to look at those gathered to celebrate with you, and see a field of phones documenting your every move. Oh, how beautiful!

   I’m sorry – WHAT?!

The Beauty of an Unplugged Wedding / Boulder Wedding Photographer

Okay, I get wanting to document your life (p.s. Your friend’s wedding day isn’t about you, though). I understand wanting that picture of the bride walking down the aisle to share with the aunt who couldn’t attend. I can even grasp wanting a picture of yourselves to celebrate the event – but during the ceremony?! (Yes, I’ve seen it. I would’ve taken the gentleman’s phone if I wouldn’t have needed to crawl across the entire row to reach him.)

My dear friends, were you invited to the wedding for your photography prowess, or because of your friendship, your presence means something to the bride and groom? Were you invited to celebrate this day, because your friend so dearly wanted every single angle of the ceremony and reception captured, or because you built a friendship back on late nights, dance parties, and studying for physiology [or Insert appropriate life event here]?

As a wedding guest, you are an important part of the party that is a wedding, but the celebration isn’t about you. When the couple looks back at their wedding photos, they want to see you, your smiles, your expressions, your excitement, your joy for all the day is – NOT your phone pointed back at them.

People. Put. Down. Your. Phones. Put down your iPads, your tablets – and yes, you must even put down that trusty point and shoot or fantastic DSLR. It’s time to unplug the ceremony. And you’re blocking the view of everyone behind you trying to savor the moment.

The wedding day isn’t about you, it isn’t about the likes or follows you’ll get from being the first person to post that perfect picture of the Bride & Groom’s day. For you, the wedding guest, the wedding day is about celebrating and supporting the couple as they start this beautifully difficult journey of marriage. Not documenting the day’s details and events – the bride and groom hired a professional photographer for that very purpose.

You’ll be giving the bride and groom what they actually pictured when they invited you, you’ll be helping the photographer present your friends with the best of the best images possible. To borrow from Jenna Kutcher, “I want to see your face, not your phone case,” and I won’t need to crop you out of my images, because you’ll be relishing in the day, not reviewing your pics on your phone.

Will you do me a favor? Would you please, oh please, put down your phone? Will you do your part to unplug the wedding? Be present, be part of the wedding story. Give your friends the gift of your attention, the gift of your face, and the beauty of an unplugged wedding.

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