What I Bring to Your Wedding

Me, as Your Photographer.

Yep, it’s me, your photographer. Obviously, I’m here to photograph your wedding, and I’m thrilled about it. I’ll handle the schedule, the details, make sure you and your love have a few minutes alone, and artfully document the whole day.

What I bring to your wedding is your photographer, is experience in managing your wedding day timeline to ensure we stay on schedule, and doing my best to make sure everything happens as you hoped it would in the event that something does go awry. I look for the small moments in this big day and capture it all you can live it.

Me, as Your Friend.

I know that might sound a little funny since you hired me to photograph your wedding day. But I didn’t become a photographer just for the paycheck, I became a photographer document real life, to document the moments that matter. I photograph weddings because I believe marriage is important and capturing the event that celebrates the start of your marriage is incredibly significant.

That means I don’t photograph your wedding just as your photographer. I photograph your wedding someone who believes the marriage is more important than the ring than the wedding dress than the cake, then all the details that go into a wedding day. I photograph your wedding as a friend, and there is good chance I’ll cry on your wedding day.

Me, Overjoyed to Celebrate Your Marriage.

Ultimately, what I bring to your wedding is me. I don’t come to your wedding with an agenda, or my own timeline. I come to your wedding to support you in this commitment you are about to make and am so humbled by the gift it is to be the one you chose to document this day.

What I Bring to Your Wedding / Small Wedding Photography