The email has finally arrived. Your gallery is ready! EEEEKKK! (I’m excited for you!) You’ve scoured every image, relived every moment, and just can’t stop looking at your images. But, what to do with your professional pictures?

What to Do with Your Professional Photos


Seriously. If you’ve ever had a professional session, and those images still aren’t backed up in at least two places, quit reading this, and go do that NOW. Most photographers, myself included, deliver their final galleries digitally, and it is your responsibility to make sure your files are safe.

Backing up your gallery means you are protecting your investment and your memories should the files be mishandled or get deleted.

Share Your Joy

Sharing pictures is my favorite way to keep friends and family in the loop of my life, so I understand wanting to share your images with yours, as well. Choose quality over quantity – share just those images needed to tell the story of your day, or that are most important to you, and don’t share every single image in your gallery. Try not to post too much; it’s easy to get carried away.

While you’re sharing your joy through your images, it is important to credit your photographer. They worked hard to create heirloom images for you to cherish for years to come, and this is their livelihood, so providing proper credit is hugely important. Plus, your friends and family may want to hire your awesome photographer as well! More information and instruction on how to credit can be found here.

Print Your Pictures

Even though images are primarily delivered digitally these days, photos were never meant to stay on a screen! Yes, you can find the file and folder, and look at your images for years to come (If you back them up!!!), but it is so much more meaningful to see a few of your most beloved photographs on a daily basis.

Say Thank You

Use one to three of your wedding images to create personalized thank you cards. This gives your guests a beautiful image from your wedding day to enjoy as you offer gratitude for their gifts and presence at your celebration, and your images aren’t just stuck on the web.

Prints & Canvasses

Choosing your favorite images to hold in hand may be difficult, believe me, I get it. But, think about the places in your home you may want to display an image. Consider the size and location. You may want a canvas over your bed, a few framed images to display in that gallery wall, one for the nightstand, and maybe a few smaller prints to place on the fridge and rotate throughout your home. I’m here to help with this, too!


Since displaying every single image from your wedding day in your home just isn’t practical, creating an album is a fantastic way to remember the day, and be able to tangibly keep your special day close. You also get to print those photos you might not want to display as a 20×30 above your fireplace.

I’m here to help!

Figuring out what to display and where to display it can be daunting for some. Not all of our brains work this way, so I am here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for recommendations, suggestions and help in choosing which images to display as well as how to display them. It’s part of my job, and I love it!