My answer to where you should have your lifestyle newborn session probably won’t surprise you. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you can probably answer this question for me, and that’s a good thing.

Where You Should Have Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

The Answer: At Home

When someone meets me for the first time and finds out I do the majority of my sessions in the comfort of my client’s homes, I get mixed reactions. Some are straight up opposed to the idea, others need a little coaxing, and a few are completely gung-ho with the idea (These are my people). Wherever you may find yourself, hang around for a minute. Let’s talk about why you should have your lifestyle newborn session at home.

01 – You’re most comfortable at home.

This is your safe space, your refuge. That sense of comfort and relaxation shows through photographs.

02 – You don’t need one more place to go after your babe arrives.

Especially if you plan on doing your lifestyle newborn session as a true newborn session (i.e. when your babe is teeny-tiny), not needing to pack up and trek somewhere can be a huge blessing. (Need a little direction on when to schedule your newborn session? This post will help you do just that!.)

03 – Your child will have images with you in their first home.

I don’t know about you, but this means something. My siblings can all remember our first home, but I was so young the only thing I can recall is the linoleum floor in our kitchen. While that memory has some significance to me, I can’t help but think of how cool it would be to have pictures of my parents, my older sister, and brother in the home to which they brought me home.

04 – Your home is not too messy, boring or [insert adjective here].

It really isn’t. I know this is a hard one for some of you to believe, so I’m asking that you trust me. Even if you have 35 kids, and 12 dogs running around, I promise – your home is perfect. Every time I have had an in-home session with a client who is a little skeptical, they have declared it the easiest, most fun photography session they’ve ever done. Our homes are beautiful, wonderful, powerful places in our lives.

05 – You don’t need to be perfect.

Yes, here I go again on the whole social-media-I-have-to-be-perfect junk. It is junk. If you think the only way to have photographs you’ll love for years to come is to primp and prep, head to a nearby park to sit perfectly still on a blanket with the best smiles possible, oh my dear client – please hear me. That is not true.

You are perfect just as you are. You don’t need to wait until some goal or milestone is reached. And, you don’t need to prep endlessly. Posed isn’t necessary, messy is okay, and kids throwing a tantrum in the middle of a session is very normal.

Your memories and photographs are more important than just momentary social media fodder. They matter. They are worth cherishing, and they are yours. All the likes and follows aren’t needed to validate the importance of this time in your life or the beauty of your home or family.