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This is why I do documentary and lifestyle photography.

This is why I do photography. PERIOD.

Don’t let me forget their littleness

Don’t let me forget their littleness. So while I have it now, let me breathe them in that little bit deeper and hold onto them that little bit tighter. ❤️Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/7gRqNcB

Posted by Motherly on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I could pose you. I could jump around like a nutty orangutan to make your toddler giggle. Or I could set up a vintage couch in a beautiful field and arrange you and your love nicely. I could, but I don’t.

I’m not a mom, but as an aunt times three, and the youngest of 26 cousins with 35 younger cousins under 13 (Yep, you read that right.), my family times are full of chaos, laughter, tears, cuddles, kisses, squabbles, mud, bodily fluids, cotton candy, and love. Who would think that would ever photograph well? Here’s the thing. It does. It photographs beautifully because somewhere deep down we know that those little things, those messes, those things that drive us nuts at the time and wear us out, are going to be what we pine for later.

I get to document your newborn’s teeny toes, their extra skin. I get to watch fathers give away their daughters and witness the first moment a groom sees his bride on their wedding day. I’m privileged to sit in the corner of living rooms and melt as dad scoops up his child to smother them with kisses telling them, “You are a gift to me.”

Why I do What I Do

And that’s just it. Each of these moments I get to witness, each of these moments you have with your newborn, your child, your brood. Each of these moments at weddings, elopements, every quiet evening at home, every date night. They are gifts. Oh, what beautiful and precious gifts they are.

I know you want to look good in your pictures and feel good about them, and I am completely with you on that. Documentary family, newborn or wedding photography doesn’t mean I am looking for your worst angle at your worst moment to make you look horrendous. NOPE. Not a thing. I’m looking to capture moments of your life you may have missed otherwise. I want to document the funny way your child climbs onto the piano bench, how much they love their bike helmet (For some odd reason). The way you interlock hands with your love, a quiet moment on your wedding day.

It’s about small moments, the messiness life, and the sheer beauty that encompasses it all. Not about looking perfectly or being a certain thing. It’s about remembering what matters most and capturing it to remind you of that for a lifetime.

Why I Do What I Do | Colorado Lifestyle Photographer