The time of year is coming that every lifestyle family photographer simultaneously loves and hates – Fall family picture season. Love it, ‘cause this is my job, and I love my job. Hate it, ‘cause it’s as though many think they absolutely cannot take family pictures at any other time of year under any circumstance.

Yes, I know that isn’t exactly the logic, but why then must we cram all of your sessions into one four-week period every year?! It drives me nuts! Not an “Oh this is so annoying,” nuts, but an “I am literally going to go crazy trying to schedule, take and edit 20 family sessions in 4 weeks.

Today, I am here to plead (That’s not dramatic or anything.) with you as to WHY you should schedule your family session early.

WHY Schedule Your Fall Session Early

01 – Your life will be easier.

Really. We all know what the end of the year is like. From the time school starts until we’re singing Auld Lang Syne, it’s one wild roller coaster of parties, sporting events, and stage productions. It’s fun but crazy. Let’s take that crazy and dial it back one notch. Schedule your family session before the crazy begins – in the Summer, in the Winter, before the month of October.

02 – You’ll be a step ahead all year long.

When everyone else is scrambling to book and schedule their family photo session, you’ll be ordering those Christmas Cards. Or you might already have them ordered, stamped and ready to go. Imagine them apples. (Does anybody still say that, or is it just my family? Asking for a friend.)

03 – Your kids will be more relaxed.

If you’re reading this and you’re a mom, you probably already know this, but kids pick up on the tension – tension in getting ready for a session, tension in a season, tension in busy. If you schedule your family session early in the season or in another season entirely (Like the pro you are!), there is a fair chance your kiddos will be more relaxed.

But, that means two sessions in a year one year.

Okay yes, I see this problem. But I also see that switching your session to another time of year means that you’ll only have to do this once. AND, it means from there on out, you’ll have one less thing to do in the craziness of Fall. That sounds like gold.

If you need more convincing, consider doing a mini-session this Fall, then pick another time of year to do your now-annual family photo session. You’ll save a bit in the bank in the Fall, and be able to enjoy a full session when you choose your new annual family session slot.

WHY Schedule Your Fall Session Early