It all comes back to family photos. It’s how I got started in this whole photography thing. My parents gifted me a camera, and I was forever snapping away at any and all family gatherings. While those early images often leave much to be desired, they are a wonderfully hilarious picture of our lives at the time, the little things that mattered, and still matter most.

Three Reasons for the Yearly Photo Shoot

One – Images with the ENTIRE family.

There is one in every family – that person that is always taking the pictures but is never in the pictures. When you look back on the images of the last year, it’s almost as though they weren’t there. In my family, this is me. It’s something that I’m working on, something that takes a constant effort to change. But, one of the ways we do that is through family pictures, through taking the time just to be together, letting someone else handle the camera.

Two – A year can change everything.

Bellies bloom, babies are born, kids grow, and sadly, loved ones pass. Family pictures are more than a yearly tradition – they’re heirlooms, a gift to your children and future generations. They’re a glimpse of who and where you were when, a still moment of your busy life. A reminder of what is truly important, and a simple, yet beautiful, way to mark the passing years and growth of your children, your family.

Three – Your life isn’t perfect, but it is beautiful.

All too often I hear people say something to the effect of, “We’ll do family pictures when..”, “We have to wait until…” Don’t wait. Stop the comparison game. If you wait until whatever it is you’re waiting for arrives or changes, something else will take its place, and you’ll have missed out on a whole lot of life. Imperfect is real, and real life is beautiful, meaningful and worth documenting.

Think about this for me – what do you remember most about your mom, grandma, grandpa, etc.? Is it perfection? Do you remember an immaculate home and appearance, their weight? Or, do you remember their hugs? Playing catch in the crisp, Fall air? Baking a cake or cookies just because? Laughing ’til you cry as they tickle you on the floor?

I’d wager you remember those simple moments over the things for which they wanted to change or wait. Ya’ know what? Those are the things your kids, your grandchildren will remember, too.

Your yearly photo shoot is important, ultimately because you are important because our messy, imperfect lives are worth remembering.

Three Reasons for the Yearly Photo Shoot / Family Photographer Denver