If you read the title of this post and were tempted to close this page, hold on a minute. Yea, yea, yea, everyone says you matter to their business. I talk a lot about why small moments matter, why messy is perfect, but today I want to talk more about why you matter to me at Laura Glen Photography. And, I mean it.

When I talk about starting LGP, you’ll often hear me say something about how I was always the kid with the camera, always the one taking pictures, the family historian. You’ll hear me say how I didn’t believe I could do this, how I thought no one would hire me, how I thought I’d fail. If you’re particularly close to me, you may have heard me talk about this yearning, this need to create, and how photography is part of that.

Photography is part of that, but that yearning and need to create comes from more than just a place of wanting to bring beautiful and meaningful art to the world. It comes from a deep desire to see you look at your images, see your face soften as you see the beauty in yourself, your family, your everyday life that you may or may not have seen there before.

You Matter to Me

Ultimately, it’s about service. While photography is something I truly love, while I may be the one holding the camera, creating the images, this is really about you.

In the midst of a world where likes and follows are supposed to be tangible symbols of status, affection, and value, my photography is complete about you. About your everyday life, about time for you to spend with your family, your love. About slowing down and taking a breath.

It’s not about me. Not about how well I can photograph, edit and deliver your images. It’s not about me gaining accolades in the photography industry or becoming the most well-known photographer ever. I’m not against those things, but if I am chasing those things, I am chasing the wrong things. And, there’s a good chance I’m not serving you, my client, well.

It’s About You

At the end of the day, there are a plethora of talented lifestyle photographers you could choose for your yearly family session, to welcome your child into the world, or celebrate the beginning of your marriage. There are many other photographers, and many of them would do an incredible job. But I don’t want to be just another photographer floating in and out of your lives, just there for pictures.

I want to be a different kind of photographer. The kind that when I leave after your in-home session you think, “Wow, that was a lot of fun!” The kind that keeps in touch (As best I can!). I want to be your personal family photographer. The one who documented your wedding, your first child (and every one after that!), your yearly family photos, your family reunions and birthday parties.

I want to be that photographer because this photography business is about serving you. I care about the big and small moments of your lives, what brings your heart joy and what fills it with sorrow.

Laura Glen Photography isn’t about likes, follows, awards and accolades. It’s about you, your family. It’s about remembering chubby baby thighs, getting that new puppy, the change that happens in a year, and the beauty in watching your family grow. In everything that goes on at LGP, you. matter.

You Matter to Me